– Naturopathic physician & integrative medicine specialist

- Co-chair of research, Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians (PsychANP)
- Amen Clinics Brain Health certification (in progress)
– Former Yale and Helfgott affiliated researcher of mind-body, integrative, and preventive medicines
– Top of class clinical marks from the oldest and largest accredited naturopathic medical school
– 25+ years of experience of personal study & experience in meditation, mind-body medicines,
spirituality, nutrition & exercise
– Accomplished presenter and past professor
– Student-teacher of A Course In Miracles 

Dr. Robert Lee, ND, MS, MA is a naturopathic physician and integrative medicine specialist who has helped thousands of people optimize healing and health. This is achieved by empowering motivation and inspiration through right or higher mindedness based mind training methods combined with paradigm shifting forms of holistic medicine for truly effective treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. 

He graduated with top of of class clinical scores from the oldest and largest accredited naturopathic medical school, National University of Natural Medicine, in Portland, OR. He is also the recipient of two masters degrees focused on the research sciences and arts of integrative medicine. His skills in naturopathic and integrative medicines are enhanced by 25+ years of personal practice and experience in mind-body medicines and other holistic medical techniques as well as formal training in the most proven of these mind-body medicines including A Course In Miracles, vipassana, Transcendental Meditation, kriya, other meditation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, tai qi & qi gong. 

Dr. Lee has lectured on a variety of topics he specializes in within hospital, television, corporate, academic and public settings. Prior focusing solely on clinical practice, Dr. Lee worked 10+ years researching mind-body, integrative, and preventive medicines in affiliation with Yale, Helfgott and other research institutes. 

In his free times, Dr. Lee engages diligently in the healthcare approaches he teaches including diligently studying A Course In Miracles, meditation, mindfulness and other spiritual teachings, studying breakthroughs in holistic medicine, communing with nature and the universe, living by the water, cultivating healthy relationships, helping others, laughter, healthy living, cooking, travel and exercise. 

For more information on Dr. Lee and his approaches to healthcare (including more of his spiritual side) see his personal website at


DR. Robert Lee, ND, MS, MA

On Integrative Pain Relief, a modern day common interest strategy

Pain is the most common medical condition people experience and the #1 reason for doctor visits. Recently, standard of care guidelines for various pain conditions have shifted toward recommending an integrative approach. This is because several complementary and integrative medicines have proven themselves to be generally as effective as conventional treatments (drugs, surgeries, etc.) yet with lower risk of adverse effects.


More so, large studies offering people with pain access to multiple integrative therapies have yield up to 2-3 fold healthcare benefits over conventional care alone.
In light of these findings, complementary and integrative medicines have been endorsed for pain by practically every major medical group including the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), American College of Physicians, American Medical Association, World Health Organization, National Institutes of Health, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Drug Enforcement Agency, Department of Workers’ Compensation, and many others.

An integrative approach to pain relief combines multiple complementary and integrative therapies into a single treatment plan tailored to meet your individual and condition specific needs. This plan may include conventional methods.

Example of therapies combined together include:

  • manual therapies to improve structural alignment

  • comprehensive nutritional and nutritional supplement programs that can improve inflammation, arthritis, autoimmune processes, muscle tension, circulation and nerve function

  • at home strategies that teach you how to effectively reduce acute and chronic pain (including exercises, stretching, hot-cold therapies, balneotherapies, short term rest...)

  • acupuncture to improve pain, nerve function and vitality 

  • massage therapy to improve muscle tension and relaxation 

  • mind-body medicines that help to reduce stress, shift perspective of painful sensations, and address mental, social and spiritual contributors to pain

  • various physiotherapies including low level laser therapy, TENS units, instrument assisted soft tissue technique (aka gua sha), transcranial electric stimulation, activator and others

  • graded exercise programs that allow you to improve pain, function and overall health and well-being

  • Weight loss and treatment of related conditions


 Come experience the future of effective pain relief now!

On Hormone Optimization, a key to the plague of chronic diseases

Hormones are biochemical compounds produced by glands in the body that have profound impacts on health and well-being. Hormones allow us to "feel like our authentic self" and thus vital, motivated, energetic, peaceful, happy, grounded, connected, etc.
      In modern society, a majority of people's hormones are not in optimal levels and commonly in diseased states. Hormone imbalances are strongly linked to a many hard to treat conditions and symptoms plaguing modern society including:

- obesity, overweight, weight gain and inability to lose weight
- depression/anxiety and other mental health conditions
- heart disease

- diabetes

- hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms
- memory problems including dementia/Alzheimers disease

- chronic fatigue

- PCOS, premenstrual syndrome, and other female conditions
- lack of motivation (to exercise, work, etc.)

- osteoporosis

- insomnia

- infertilty
- and other conditions. 

The most common hormone imbalances include those of the following glands:

- thyroid (t3, t4, tsh, etc.)
- adrenals (cortisol, dhea, pregnenolone, etc.)

- reproductive glands (testosterone, estrogens, progesterone)
- brain and pituitary (melatonin, growth hormone, lh, fsh, prolactin, gnrh, bdnf, etc.)

Are you experiencing any of the above symptoms?
Interested in getting your hormone levels tested and optimized?

The mind as the core power of all  health and healing

As much as Dr. Lee enjoys helping people by incorporating the remarkable naturopathic, integrative and preventive medicine strategies mentioned throughout this website, his true inspiration is healing the mind toward achievement of enlightenment/salvation and re-awakening to the reality of truth/love/Self/God. In fact, he sees the various medicines and lifestyle approaches that he utilizes as simply being helpful instruments which encourage and symbolize the deeper healing that is occurring on the mental-spiritual level of our being. 

     Dr. Lee has been meditating since his early teenage years (about the same time he started studying nutrition, exercise, herbal medicines, and other natural approaches to health). While attending a top 10 U.S. business college, Dr. Lee experienced his first spiritual awakening:   

"The experience was like nothing I had experienced prior in mediation or daily life. I experienced a profound sense of connection to "God, Self and an inner Guide", and at the same moment an incorruptible happiness and sense of purpose. I used to call it an epiphany. Now I call this guide the Holy Spirit. This experience was always with me since then and could be called upon whenever I needed. Nearly immediately, also came a motivation to leave business school to study premed and become a physician. My parents questioned it and my friends laughed, but I never doubted the choice. I would turn to this Guide throughout the rigors of this educational and career pursuit and it always guided rightly. During medical school and afterward, I began to to apply this method to all of the stresses of daily life where it proved ever more successful."

More to come...